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We give you the best price possible for your note, mortgage, or other income streams...

Thank you for visiting our web site. If you have a note, mortgage, deed of trust, lottery winnings, or any other stream of income, and you would like to raise CASH for immediate needs, please call us toll-free at the above number.

At Investment Capital Corporation, we do business the old fashioned way. A real person answers the phone when you call us at 508-255-8105. And the quote we give you is accurate, given to you by the person who actually writes the check.

DJ Scholl, the president of Investment Capital Corporation, is a respected member of the cash flow business.  Even so, he was quite suprised to receive the prestigious Paladin Award.  The Governor of Massachusetts also recognizes Mr. Scholl for different reasons.

If you have a note, or other stream of income, and would like to use it to obtain cash for immediate needs, call Investment Capital Corporation, and ask for ``DJ", or Jane, his associate, and you can be assured of professional and personal service.


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