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A Re-print from Cash Flow Journal

   At the Saturday Night Spectacular, someone will win the second Paladin Award, an honor whose prestige was established at Cash Flow '97 through its substance and its recipient.

   The Pino Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization, will present the award to "a member of the cash flow industry who exemplifies exceptional qualities of entrepreneurship, individualism and unselfishness."

   In simple terms, that means the recipient is a person who is among the top professionals in the industry. Obviously, he or she must be an entrepreneur who has possibly taken his or her company from a small business working out of a home or small office to a large company working out of a suite of offices. However, success may he refined in terms other than size. Being particularly skilled as a broker or funding source reflects "exceptional qualities of entrepreneurship."

   The person must also be an individual, someone who is a leader rather than a follower, who places his or her mark on his or her achievements. And, the person must have demonstrated a sensitivity to the needs of others and a willingness to share the fruits of his or her success with people in need.

   "In granting the first Paladin Award to Judy Miller," says Laurence J. Pino, Esq., a Trustee of the Foundation, we set a valid precedent for the kind of person we intended to recognize. This year, we broadened our scope by inviting others to nominate cash flow professionals they felt met that standard. We have been extremely pleased not only with the number of nominations we have received but with the quality of the nominees. Truly, people recognize that the Paladin is reserved for an extraordinary individual who is a superior cash flow professional and an equally exceptional human being."

   Pino will announce the winner of the Paladin, selected from among the nominees by the Foundation Board of Trustees, at the Saturday Night Spectacular. He or she will receive an elegant trophy in honor of the occasion and a $10,000 grant to he used however the recipient sees fit.

   "The Paladin is unlike any other award that will be granted Saturday night," said Pino. Other people are recognized for their hard work and degree of success. The Paladin includes that but without any specific definitions of success. And, it includes the other, intangible element - the humanity of the recipient. We're very proud of it."


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